Thicc Pokémon drops format

This is going to be an article about future drops formats to help you guys find all of the information in one place.

The number of Thicc Pokemon:



4 of 4 rares will be granted ⅵa lottery

2 of the rares will be randomly given for free to a $Thicc Pokemon trainer (holder). 1 will be given to a common Thicc Pokémon holder, another one will be given to an uncommon Thicc Pokémon Holder (We will send directly to the owner Ethereum address)

2 of the rares will be randomly given for free to 2 Ultra Thiccball holders. They will have 24 hours to exchange their Ultra Thiccball for the Rare Thicc Pokemon, otherwise, we will redo a draw for those unclaimed.

In the event that there are 3 rares released instead of 4, we will do 1 to a trainer and 1 to an Ultra Thiccball holder. (These will be very rare circumstantial occurrences)

- To claim, you will have to send your Ultra Thiccball to this Ethereum address ; 0x1467a43e491df93b7c76c868f780018709c45e0c . We will then burn the Ultra Thiccball, which will make it deflationary. So as long as you haven’t won, your odds are slowly increasing after each drop, as the supply goes down by 2 with each rare drop.

Needless to say that we will only send back the rares to the winners, who will be announced on Twitter and on our Discord , so don’t send us an Ultra Thiccball if you aren’t a winner, as we will burn it without sending anything in return. We will share the public Ethereum address of the winners if we aren’t able to find your handle and tag you on twitter, so you guys will have to stay tuned and verify if you are the winner after each lottery (24h window).

To make things fair for everyone, we are adding that a winner can’t win in 2 straight raffles AND can’t win 2 in the same raffle. In a case where their names are drawn, we will just re-spin the wheel.

We are using this new method for the rares for multiple reasons;

1st; We want to avoid gas war, as we are an ecofriendly NFT project, and the gas war to grab a Thicc Pokémon doesn’t make sense for us in that regard, since every transaction, failed or not, is surprisingly polluting (approximately 10 KG of co2).

2nd; The gas war was also pretty frustrating for you all because most people would just be left with a failed transaction, most of the time costing up to 50, 80, or even 100$.

3rd; We really wanted to give something to show our gratitude to our early community members, so that’s when the Ultra Thiccball airdrop idea came to life.

4th; We wanted the rares to be more accessible to everybody, because not everyone can afford to pay 0.8 ETH or higher for an NFT. By giving 3 out of 4 for free, we will make the life of a lot of our community members better, as the rare floor price seems to be about 2 ETH (about 3.5k USD) as of this moment. The auction is to allow trainers who are willing to pay for a gas-war-free rare to do so.

Common:+0.01 ETH each drop (Max Price: 0.25 ETH)

Uncommon:+0.02 ETH each drop (Max Price: 0.50 ETH)
To be noted that the bounding curve has stopped for the moment, at 0.08 ETH per common and 0.16 per uncommon.

Ultra Thiccball:

The Ultra Thiccball airdrop is finished, the max supply is and will stay 500. It was based on a snapshot we took on the 15th of march of $Thicc Pokémon holders to reward early community members.